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Sustainable core values

We value everything that you probably also hold dearly. 💕❤️
Sustainability is the absolute factor that drives us to keep improving, creating & aiding the planet. 🌏 We love where we live!
Everything chosen for our Planet Nusa products has been through a lot of criteria to be selected - but most importantly we strive to work to find textiles that we are proud to present you with. ♻️ 
Some of the fishing nets used in our fabrics are from the social & environmental positive impact organization, Net Works, where the fishing nets are rescued from the bottom of the ocean in the Phillipines. 🐠🐟
All the fabrics we use for Planet Nusa is highly tested & certified with the highest standards in the textile industry - it's important to both you and us! click here to read more on the standards & certifications. Standards include: Oeko-tex, ISO & REACH.
The higher the demand for recycled materials, the better the producers get at even further reduce their CO2 emission. It's important to leave the smallest trace on the planet when you buy a pair of NUSA leggings. 💕
People are at the very core of our business & we're doing our best to choose skilled manufacturers to carefully produce our selection of sportswear. That's why we've chosen to produce most of our range across Europe ♻️ We're working with people that are equally as passionate about the craftsmanship & the wellbeing of their skilled workers as we are. 
If there are any questions or you'd like to hear more - please don't hesitate to get in touch :


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