When is my order shipped? 

Your order is shipped once we process your order. We usually process your order within a short period of time after the order is received. You’ll then receive a separate email with shipping instructions. Then you might as well just take a seat and wait for Postman Pat!

Where is it made? 

We’ve worked really hard finding amazing and skilled people to work alongside us. We found those in Portugal and in Italy. We’re using as many recycled/organic materials as possible in our production. Hopefully this comes across in the good times our gym gear will bring you!

Want to get featured in NUSA on your next adventure?

We love seeing you in NUSA on SoMe or even just pictures sent via email! It’s why we’re here and it’s just what drives us to do all of this! We have a team ready to hear all about your upcoming adventures and how we share those with our fellow NUSA girls! <3 Email us at press@planetnusa.com

Intl. Shipping?

We ship to most destinations. However we are growing our Planet from Europe and so we have a few exceptions! We cannot wait to bring you gym gear, whereever you’d like J

Caring for my new product?

All our products come with care instructions. Usually they are all easy to wash – We’re talking the standard 30C wash on most of our products. 

Feel free to contact us – if you’re confused. Or ask your mum J

Out of a size? 

We try to have all sizes available – but our factories are busy and so they’re trying their hardest to keep up with demand. Email us at hiya@planetnusa.com if you want us to notify you of a size returning. Or maybe you’re not fitting our size range at the moment – let us know about that as well, as we’re just happy to try and help wherever we can!

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